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24V Micro Gear Motor(021).

Model No.︰GM12-N20BS-1000
Brand Name︰MPM , Mafukbu.
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰50 pc
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Product Description

24V Micro Gear Motor(021)  


Typical Applications:

1. Advertisement lamp box 

2. Medical supplies 

3. Cosmetology massager 

4. Pickup camera 

5. Portable computer 

6. Cabinet circle machine 

7. Electrically operated toy 

8. Robot 

9. The toy train transforms the track 

10. Timer

11. Solar energy handicraft lamp box.

12. The toy train transforms the track .

13.Automatic window blind.

14.Door lock Actuator.

15.Door openerl.

16.Digital Camera.


(021). Type:MPM-GM12-N20BS-1000i-24.030-10D

Rated Voltage:24V

Reduction Ratio:1000:1

No-load Speed:30rpm/min

No-load Current:30mA

Rated Speed:25rpm/min

Rated Current:90mA


Micro Gear Box Size:12x10x12.3mm

Motor Size:12x10x28.3mm

Shaft Length:10mm



Characteristic: It has the high voltage, the small Current,

smallsized,slow-speed,big torque,long life.  


The reduction gear ratio, has the following choice:


1/720,1/800,1/900,1/1000, Etc.  


Contact person:
Ms Tse (Venus)
Mr Wong (Dennis) 


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